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The 3 Winter Coats You Need

Today I’m sharing the 3 winter coats you need in your closet for winter 2019. Ok, maybe you just need the first two while the third is just a fun trend piece… but isn’t “need” always relative anyway? Keep scrolling for my favorite winter coats this season. 

My coat is old so I linked to similar options in slideshow below and boots are from A.Soliani and I’ve been loving them!

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

jocelyn coat


Oh, The F Factor Diet…

Dieting and the pursuit of weight loss is harmful to women and our society as a whole. If we are so busy trying to shrink ourselves and obsess over “improving” our bodies, then we are less likely to have the brain space to focus on things that truly matter. Like Naomi Wolf so eloquently puts it, “Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women’s history.”

Dieting has been proven to fail in the long term for the vast majority. Not only don’t they work, but they often wreak havoc on our metabolisms, causing people to end up at higher weights than when they started. Along with that comes weight cycling as people “fall off the diet wagon” again and again and weight cycling is associated with hypertension, inflammation, increased risk of diabetes, and more (all the things people associate with fatness). Instead of people blaming diets, they blame themselves. “I just need more self control. I just need to try harder. I just need to try this diet instead. I just need to do low carb this time.” Sound familiar?

This post is for those of you who are interested in exploring the alternative to dieting but still might be struggling with the seductive nature of the trendy diets like F Factor. It is so normal to want to lose weight in the culture we live in; I mean, the diet industry is billions of dollars invested in you believing your body is a problem in need of fixing.Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women's history - f factor

Let’s start with what what makes this F Factor diet so incredibly special (more…)