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What I Want Wednesday: Ombre!

Ombre has been on my mind a lot lately! It started with an e-mail….
Refinery 29 asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot of an ombre hair tutorial. As fun as that may sound, I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to anything relatively permanent regarding my hair. My keratin treatment is as adventurous as it gets. And once, three years ago, I got side bangs. Yeah, crazy, I know! But I’ve never dyed my hair before and I’ve seen so many bad ombre dye jobs so I figured I’d stay away this time. 
But I’m all about wearing ombre! My friend Jenny over at Crazy Style Love had a great photo of the blue ombre heels (pictured below) on her facebook page today. I’m kind of obsessed with ombre; not even going to pretend otherwise, so it kicked off the inspiration for this week’s edition of “What I Want Wednesday.” 

Items under $100:
Pink Necklace here. Purple Necklace sold out. Blue Shoes here. Blue Skirt here. Green sweater here.
Blue button down shirt (available now in pink ombre) here.
Items over $100 (some welllll over):
Yellow Sequin Dress: here.   Blue dress here. Blue earrings here.

My Version Of Monochrome….Or Is It Colorblocking? Shades Of Aqua!

Hey my dear readers! I decided to go blue today; really, really blue:) I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to wear this all day but it was definitely fun while I was wearing it:)

Photos by Chani Shmookler Deutch
Sweater: Loft (sale) Here.
Skirt: Loft Here.
Tights: American Apparel Here.
Handbag: Kate Spade (sale) 
Similar in cobalt, gray, white or black here.
Shoes: DV Dolce Vita (style is called Gillian)
Necklace: Bauble Bar, Similar Here.
Bracelets: Aldo, J.Crew, and Jeweliq

What I want Wednesday-Runway Addition

So usually the items I post on “What I Want Wednesday” are a range of prices… some more affordable than others. Well, after I saw this exquisite, perfect, amazing (you think I like?) Jenny Packham dress, I decided to do my favorite runway gowns so far from the Fall 2013 shows. And no, I probably won’t ever be able to afford gowns like these, but a girl can always dream!

Dear Jenny Packham,

I know you’re totally reading this. Obviously. And I know you have fallen in love with my charm (and good looks). And I know you want to give me this gown. Of course you do. For my wedding? Please? (The guy will come, don’t worry, that part can be taken care of.)

                                                              Thanks in advance, Shira

DVF Lace Dress-Brightening My Winter Wardrobe

I bought a fun lace dress at the DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) sample sale a couple months ago and was saving it to wear it in the Spring. Well, then I became impatient (as I often tend to be) and decided that I wanted to wear it already! Why not wear bold, bright colors in the Winter? I think it totally can brighten your mood!

Photos by Chani Shmookler-Deutsch

Dress: DVF (sample sale)
Shoes: Madewell (sale-sold out)
Here are some pretty lace dresses I love:
Here are the links to the dress from the top row across:
Bottom row across:

Winter in COLOR

I was so excited to wear my J.Crew sequin striped top and when I stumbled on this silk shirt in a perfect match from Ann Taylor, I knew I had an awesome outfit. 🙂 I was going to wear this outfit with gray boots but my photographer, Chani Deutsch, encouraged me to wear the neon pink flats. Once you’re going for color, do it all the way, right?!

Photos by Chani Shmookler-Deutsch
Silk Shirt: Ann Taylor (petite)
You can find it here
Striped Sequin Top: J.Crew (sale)
On sale here
Skirt: American Apparel (sale)
You can find it here
Shoes: Madewell (sold out)
You can find other colors here
Handbag: Kate Spade (sale)
In orange on sale here