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The Art Of The Tuck… Wearing Coral and Florals

I’ve never felt comfortable tucking in my shirts. It started in high school with my hideously unflattering pleated uniform with school rules requiring that the shirt must be tucked in at all times. Let’s just say that it wasn’t my best look (ha). I still feel extremely self conscious tucking in my shirts and if shirts don’t come in petite, they fall at my knees (well almost). I was considering getting the shirt tailored and cut when I decided to tie it at the waist instead. It instantly made me look more put together and neater. So this is as close to tucked in as I get! How do you all wear your shirts? 

 photo floral5.jpg  photo floral2.jpg  photo floral5.jpg  photo floral2.jpg     

Photos by Chani Shmookler-Deutch (how amazing is she??)
ShirtGap SkirtBlank NYC ShoesJ.Crew Factory Bracelets: J.Crew, Stella&Dot, and JeweliqBow Ring: J.Crew, similar here and here Watch: Michael Kors, very similar here Bag: borrowed, similar here
Special thanks to Kelly Stahley who helped me resize my photos (she also designed my blog)!

Best of Beauty

Here are some of my favorite skincare and beauty products. I explain why below. 🙂
1. Urban Decay Half Baked Eyeshadow  is my favorite every day eye shadow; richly pigmented and love how it looks with blue eyes.
2. Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel is the best benzyl peroxide product-at least for me. I gave up on benzyl peroxides because although they are so helpful for break outs, they’ve always completely dried up my skin and made it red and blotchy. For some reason, this is the only benzyl peroxide product that works without irritating and drying my skin. Thanks to Batsheva, Mary Kay beauty consultant, I discovered this product! You can buy products from Mary Kay through her here
3.Benefit Hoola Bronzer….finally a natural and beautiful bronzer without the fake looking shimmer and sparkles! It’s surprisingly hard to find a good bronzer without shimmer; when you want to look naturally tan, sparkles don’t usually get you there. 😉 I like Bobbi Brown bronzer (you can find it here) too but they don’t have the perfect shade for my skin tone.
 4.Mary Kay Nourishine Lip Gloss in Rock’n’Red is my alltime favorite lip gloss, also a recent discovery. The rock’n’red is the perfect red and it stays on longer than other lip glosses!
 5.Paula’s Choice Anti Aging Clear Skin Hydrator is perfect if you have combination (or oily) skin and want a light moisturizer without worrying it’ll cause break outs. It’s so lighweight and filled with fabulous ingredients.
6.Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush has a great, silky texture and comes in a lot of pretty shades. Again, I like this because I prefer not to have shimmer in my blush; I have Nars Orgasm if I’m in a sparkly mood.
7.Urban Decay Naked Skin Liquid Makeup is my favorite foundation besides Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I love it for every day use and only use the Make Up For Ever for the days I feel I have more to cover up.
 8.Neutrogena One Step Gentle Cleanser is the perfect, gentle cleanser for every day use. Don’t believe in false claims that expensive cleansers can impart antioxidants or clear your skin from acne. The amount of time it’s on your skin before you wash it off is not enough for the ingredients to penetrate. 

Outfit of the Day: Neon and Florals

I love wearing clothes that make me smile. This comfy neon top and the floral flats are definitely on the list! I don’t care that it’s still cold in New York; I am so done with cold weather and moving onto Spring regardless of if the weather here agrees with me or not. 🙂
Check out how my favorite bloggers wear neon here!

Photos by Chani Shmookler Deutch
Top: Forever 21 (here and similar here)
Skirt: Hard Tail (you can find it here)
Shoes: Madewell (similar here and love these)
Bag: Anthropologie (last year, loving this one and this one)
Earrings: Alexis Bittar from The Yellow Door 
(you can also find them here)
Necklace: Kate Spade (here)
Bracelets: Aldo (really similar here)
Rings: Banana Republic and J.Crew (similar here )

Looks For Less: The Chambray Shirt Dress & Polka Dot Pencil Skirt

I am really looking forward to this week being over and I cannot wait to do absolutely nothing all Saturday. 🙂 I’m thankful that I’m getting more clients but it takes time getting used to doing more therapy sessions. I had a professor who said she saw 13 clients in one day (!!!) and we all looked at her like she was insane. But she said that with enough practice, you learn to stretch the different parts of your brain… I’m ready for my brain to stretch! 
Anywayyyyy….here are some looks for less for you to check out! Which ones do you like better? The more expensive or the cheaper ones? I tried on the polka dot skirt in Target and loved it. I tried on the J.Crew skirt too and loved it equally so I’m sure you can figure out which one I’ll end up with… 🙂

Outfit of the Day: Polka Dots + Pink (and my explanation of modesty)

I wanted to clear the air about what my blog is about because apparently people have been questioning my use of the word “modest” when I talk about my blog. To me, modesty means a certain sense of privacy and respect I have for my body. That’s not to say that if you wear a low cut, mini bandage dress I’ll think you don’t have respect for yourself. I have no problem with other people wearing cropped tops and mini skirts but I personally don’t feel comfortable wearing such revealing clothes. I feel more “classy” (for lack of a better word) when I’m wearing more clothes. I prefer a more refined and tasteful look for myself. 
Yes, I am Jewish and I’m aware that there are modesty laws that orthodox Jewish people follow but when I use the word modest to describe my blog, I’m not referring to the modesty laws. For those of you that don’t know, some of the modesty laws require a woman to cover her knees, elbows, and collarbone; which you can see from my posts that I don’t necessarily do. But it is not my intention to come across saying that my blog outfits follow the laws of the Torah; hopefully, you can use my blog as inspiration to create looks that feel comfortable for your life and your style, whatever that may be.
Loving my new Alexis Bittar earrings from The Yellow Door

Photos by Chani Shmookler- Deutch
Sweater: Gap (similar and cheap here and here)
Skirt: Ann Taylor (similar here)
Bracelets: J.Crew here and Aldo (similar here)
Earrings: Alexis Bittar, The Yellow Door (same here)
Shoes: Marshalls (similar here and here)