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So… You Overate During The Holidays – Now What?

I’ve gotten quite a few messages from you guys sharing that you feel anxiety about overeating during the holidays and have been tempted to cut back this week to compensate.

First of all, take a deep breath and have some compassion for yourself please! Sukkot is 9 days long and challenging for so many people. Holidays can be hard whether you struggle with disordered eating/eating disorders or not. It’s a lot of family time, a lot of sitting around at hours long meals – so please try and be gentle with yourself.

Now, let’s talk about what cutting back over the next few days would look like. Because the thing is, dieting/restricting/cutting back pretty much guarantees that you’ll feel SO much more out of control when the second round of big holiday meals start up again. Because you’re going to be hungry AF and allllll the foods you didn’t let yourself have all week will be in front of you again. And what happens? You feel completely out of control around those foods and think you have no self control.

overeating during the holidays

Naaaaa- the reality is that when you (more…)