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My PCOS Story and What I’ve Found To Work

I never ever thought I’d be publicly disclosing that I have PCOS. When Julie Duffy Dillon first reached out and asked if I’d come on her podcast to talk about my experience with PCOS, my first reaction was heck no! Being that I have a presence online and the fact that I work as a psychotherapist, I just prefer to keep my personal life as private as I can.  But that same night I was looking up PCOS hashtags on instagram and the very first hashtag was #pcosweightloss. I knew right then and there that I needed to go on Julie’s podcast because I want others to know that dieting does not (and should not) be the way to manage your PCOS. Check out the podcast episode here.

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When I was diagnosed with PCOS, of course I immediately googled all the best treatment options… as one does. 🙂 And all I saw over and over again were recommendations to (more…)