Why did you start blogging?
When I was a social work intern, I was asked by some of the social workers for help shopping for clothes during our lunch breaks. I had so much fun helping the social workers find outfits for the different aspects of their lives; dating looks, professional looks, casual looks, etc and realized I had a knack for helping people find their personal styles. I also get frequent comments on my outfit choices and where I get them so when I graduated in May with my MSW and had more free time, I decided that a fashion blog would be a fabulous outlet to express my style while hopefully being useful for others.

How tall are you?
I’m almostttt 5″2 🙂

Why don’t you ever wear pants?
I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and there are modesty guidelines that I was brought up to follow; some of the rules are that skirts must cover the knees and tops need to cover the elbows and collarbone. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a little less strict about it but I’ve honestly never worn pants outside a day in my life! I’m so used to wearing skirts and dresses and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. And no, I don’t freeze in the Winter- (cute) tights or leggings and boots keep me covered. 🙂

What’s your personal style?
I’m not a big believer in fashion rules. Print mixing, bright colors year round, bring it all on! I do believe that you should have fun with fashion and because your outsides are the first things people see, you have a great opportunity to express parts of who you are through the way you dress. I love bows, sequins, polka dots, stripes, and bright colors. I’d describe my style as feminine and girly with a bit of prep. I’ve been told I do tend to stay more on the classic end of style but always with a twist!

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