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IDGAF About Your Diet Susan

I challenge you to look at every single long term research study on diets- there aren’t that many that look past the 18 month mark. Why is that? Because studies show time and time again that that the majority of dieters will regain the weight (if not more), regardless of the diet they go on by the 2-5 year mark.

Almost anyone can successfully lose weight on a diet. But unless you’re that minority unicorn, chances are you’ll keep regaining the weight.
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This Is An Eating Disorder

One of my dear friends wrote this powerful piece on how it feels to live with an eating disorder. I thought I’d share this in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Please scroll to the bottom of this post for a list of resources available for those seeking help. If you are struggling, you do not have to go through this alone. Thank you “C” for being brave enough to share this, even anonymously.

I also want to be clear that this story is ONE version of an eating disorder. Many people suffer with no medical complications and many people suffer in average and above average weight bodies. No matter your size, you deserve help.


Eating Disorder Myths Debunked

An eating disorder can be hard to understand if it’s something you’ve never struggled with. As a therapist that treats eating disorders, I thought I’d tackle some common misconceptions for eating disorder awareness week. Here are 4 eating disorder myths debunked!

eating disorder

Myth: You need to be thin/emaciated to have an eating disorder.

I Am Not The Size Of My Body

I wrote this article originally for an online magazine for Jewish women, called The Layers Project. These photos were taken by the talented photographer (fellow social worker too!) and founder of Layers Project- Shira Lankin Sheps. I thought I’d share this today, in honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness week because I believe our toxic diet culture and preoccupation with thinness contributes to the skyrocketing rate of eating disorders. Eating disorders are complex biologically based illnesses (more on that Wednesday) but our culture creates the perfect storm for those predisposed.

eating disorder awareness week

There are a million interesting things I can share about myself but let’s start with the fact that I lost weight recently. Isn’t that what’s really most important? Never mind that I have my master’s degree from NYU, run a successful style blog, work as a psychotherapist in a field I love, and have a great personality. None of that matters as much as the size of my body. (more…)