I’ve shared my feelings on the state of plus size fashion here. This post is not going to be an extensive list of every plus-size store available. It’s just going to be an updated list of some of my favorite plus size clothing brands right now. These are stores that sell clothes I genuinely like. If you’re looking for sustainable options, this likely won’t be it. Plus size options are dismal and dehumanizing as it is; and when we can do better than make up more than 3% of the fashion industry, perhaps I can give some more sustainable options. top plus size clothing

Here are the top 10 plus size clothing stores that exist right now.

  1. ASOS: I wish we had more options and I wish they’d just sell a lot more of their straight-size options in extended sizing but ASOS does continue to have some of the more unique and fashion-forward pieces on the market that you often won’t see anywhere else. ASOS Curve is mostly available in sizes 14-26/28.
  2. Anthropologie: This is one of my favorite brands so I’m glad that they recently expanded their size range. They mostly do 1X-3X so let’s keep speaking up and asking them to expand their range!
  3. Coedition: This is a newer discovery for me. Not everything is my style as some of it leans older but they sell a ton of brands, some that I don’t see anywhere else! Sizing depends on the brand but I’m seeing up to 5X or 6X, though it seems the majority goes up to a 24.
  4. Eloquii– I’ve been linking to their pieces consistently for a couple of years now and you all seem to love them as much as I do. Their pieces are fun, on-trend, and very much my style. Here’s my first Eloquii dress on the blog here. Their sizes are available from 14-28.
  5. Eshakti– I’ve worn some of their pieces on my blog here and here. I highly recommend taking your measurements and ordering clothes that way. I really appreciate that I can customize dresses and change hem length, sleeve length, etc to make it exactly how I’d like it. But quality is hit or miss. I tend to have more luck with the cotton pieces and they go up to a size 36.
  6. Loft- They recently expanded their size range up to a size 26 and I appreciate it. Loft has frequent sales too so you can get relatively inexpensive pieces. For me, the style is hit or miss but I’ve definitely scored some cute pieces over the years. They’re great for work too.
  7. Madewell– I’ve loved Madewell for years so when they expanded their size range (16-24) I was excited. I hope they continue to improve and add to it because I love Madewell’s pieces. They’re known for their jeans but I’ve gotten some amazing dresses and sweaters from them over the years. Their sister brand J.Crew has also quietly expanded their size range to a 3X and their dresses this summer have been really cute as well.
  8. Modcloth– They have some unique and quirky pieces that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere. I used to see almost all their pieces available from size 0-26 or 28 but it looks like they’ve separated them now to a separate plus-size section on the site. I’m not sure what’s up with that but I hope they continue to make most of their pieces available up to size 26/28 like they used to (and beyond please). Otherwise, I may have to take them off this list. You can see me in a great Modcloth dress right before quarantine here.
  9. Universal Standard– Okay, they’re a little more minimalist than my personal style but they have classic pieces that you can wear for years and go up to a size 40. I also love that if your size changes within the year, you can exchange for a different size which is amazing for those in eating disorder recovery. I would love to try their jeans and this cute dress.
  10. 11 Honore– They are the first brand to venture into luxury plus size fashion. Because if the thins get to have luxury options, then let’s make sure people in larger bodies can access luxury fashion too! They’ve also recently created their own line as well that’s available up to size 26.

Some honorable mentions:

Target‘s plus size clothing options are often trendy, cute, and affordable, up to size 4x.

H&M has some cute pieces up to 4XL and also pretty affordable.

Kiyonna– They have some great dresses and are available up to size 5XL or 32. I recently ordered a friend a dress from there and she loves it!

Chic Soul is a cute boutique with most pieces in 1X-3X. I hope they expand their size range as they have some great pieces!