umgee dressSomeone recently told me that if I were really “body positive,” I wouldn’t wear clothes that hide my shape. So let me remind you all that body positivity has nothing to do with how tight I choose to wear my clothes, but it’s a social justice movement started in the 1960s to ensure equal access for people in fat and other marginalized bodies.⁣

But if we want to talk about positive body image which is what I think the comment was trying to get at, for me, it’s about living my life according to my values which have nothing to do with loving what my body looks like. A healthy body image for me is knowing that we are so much more than our bodies.⁣

Some of us will get to a place where we are also truly comfortable and confident in our skin and some of us won’t get there. Neither is wrong. But when your body has been a source of trauma your entire life, telling someone that they’re “failing body positivity” if they don’t love what their body looks like is judgmental and ill-informed. We are all on our own unique journeys but recovering into a larger body is often completely different than recovering into a body that is accepted in our society.⁣

On another note, if you want a very accurate idea of what I wear most days, this is it! A comfy, oversized dress that basically feels like pajamas + flat sandals. I rarely wear heels unless I have a special occasion which is pretty non-existent in pandemic times. I’ve also been living in this pastel striped dress as well but of course with ballet flats or flat sandals once again!

mint green shirtdress knit shirtdress knit shirtdress comfortable dress knit shirtdress

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Got this dress from Chic Soul and sandals are Dolce Vita but they’re both sold out. Linking to some other easy, every day dresses in the slideshow below.