I will never forget this shoot I did with Kelly about 3 or 4 summers ago. We walked for miles as we usually do during our photoshoots but I hadn’t thought to bring an anti-chafing product and…. I can’t even begin to describe the pain I felt between my thighs. If you’ve experienced chub rub, you know the firey, unspeakable pain I’m talking about. Well, let’s just say that I haven’t made that mistake since, and today I’m sharing the best chub rub products I’ve found for surviving summer (and any time of year).
best chub rub shorts

Let’s start with what I personally gravitate toward and have been wearing for years – the best chub rub shorts in my opinion (or anti-chafing shorts, whatever you want to call them).

  1. Jockey Skimmies – They are what I’m wearing here and they pretty much feel like underwear. They come up to a size 3X and I tend to stick to nude shades because they work well under my lighter colored dresses. I tried getting a Target version and they always seemed to roll up which I despise. These stay put, are incredibly comfortable, and they’re the cheapest of all the well-known chub rub shorts because of frequent promos.
  2. Megababe – If you’re looking for a product instead of shorts, try Megababe, an anti-chafing stick. It includes some nice and hydrating ingredients and is really easy to use. I tend to gravitate toward shorts because I don’t want to be bothered with carrying anything around and reapplying in the middle of the street (though you do what you gotta do) but for those of you that wear shorter dresses or shorts in the summer, this could be a better option. I have friends that swear by it!
  3. Undersummers slip shorts – These come up to a 5XL and are another option instead of the Jockey Skimmies. I haven’t tried these but they seem to have a cult following so I wanted to include them as they are a bit more size-inclusive.

There are some other options including thigh bands instead of shorts but I can’t imagine feeling secure in that kind of product. I think these 3 options would be your best bet and I narrowed it down to these solid choices!

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Did I leave out your favorite? Tell me your favorite products for surviving chub rub!

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