“Why can’t you share your message in a ‘nicer’ way without being so ANGRY?”⁣

I’ll tell you why. Because learning to get angry is therapeutic and important AF. Instead of directing my anger inward and starving my body to conform to our society’s sick and narrow beauty ideals, I’m working on channeling that anger externally, exactly where it belongs- onto diet culture.⁣

Let’s get ANGRY. Angry at the $70 billion industry that makes us focus all of our precious energy on trying to fix our bodies instead of things of actual importance. Let’s get angry at how diet culture has made what should be a pleasurable and easy experience, so damn confusing and painful. Let’s get angry that we’re counting macros and grams, obsessing over how to detox and reset our bodies that already have a kidney and liver, believing that entire food groups are harmful and addictive, instead of being able to just freakin’ LIVE and EAT.

Let’s get angry at our culture that treats fat people like garbage. Let’s get angry that diet culture makes us believe that being fat is so “unhealthy” without caring about how awful the world is to fat people which literally contributes to more stress and health problems.⁣

So nope, I’m not going to sugarcoat things or put them in a pretty little bow. Diet culture has taken years away from me that I can never get back. It continues to cause pain to myself and the people I love.

What has diet culture taken from you?

diet culture dropout

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

T-shirt thanks to Fat Mermaid

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