striped sweater

The only thing I’ve been wearing all winter is over-sized sweaters and leggings. After three years of battling my relapse with anorexia, I’ve finally mostly weight restored with the help of my colleagues and support team. Body changes are hard but I’m grateful that the biggest chunk of it happened over winter because fun, over-sized sweaters are the only thing that get me to leave my house most days. I’m starting to think about spring though and I have a feeling that there’ll be a whole lot of flowy dresses and tunic tops happening.

I found these petite faux leather leggings recently and they’re my new favorite thing. I got them 50% off and they were way more affordable than all the other faux leather leggings I’ve seen and honestly I love them more than the others I’ve tried on. I sized down, by the way. My sweater and coat is thanks to Joules and as always, I linked to plus size options in the slideshow below. This is 100% my winter uniform right now! (Plus these striped sweaters too!)
blue puffer coatfaux leather leggingsjoules coatyellow sweaterleather leggings

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.