haas bridal

Haas Bridal in Brooklyn created the gown of my dreams for my brother’s wedding. I flew home from California just two weeks before the wedding to have it tailored to me and it came out even prettier than what I’d hoped for! I ordered star and moon pins from Amazon (find them here) and kept my hair soft and natural along with a glowy makeup look by one of my favorite makeup artists, Batya Hess.

Some of you wondered about the color choice looking too similar to a bridal look but it’s definitely a cultural thing. There were people at the wedding wearing white and while I don’t understand it, to each their own! If it were up to me, I would’ve chosen a pretty shade of blue but I just went with what the bride (my new sister!) requested and loved the end results.

One last thought: the term “shredding for the wedding” needs to DIE. Weddings and special occasions should be filled with joy and not filled with worry about shrinking our bodies. How sad is it that the diet industry tries to seize our moments of joy and turn them into moments filled with pressure and worry about food and our bodies? Let’s try to change our culture, NOT our bodies! That’s my goal anyway and what I’ve been fighting for.

wedding hairstyle with star pins wedding makeup sister of the bride gold wedding dress

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.