body positivity and eating disorder

Fatphobia was a huge obstacle in my ability to receive treatment for my eating disorder. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again; eating disorders do not have a look. It’s a mental illness that may or may not cause physical changes and the severity of the disorder is so much more complex than a BMI or a number on the scale.

Unfortunately, much of my experience in treatment was traumatic and full of weight bias; I was praised by my doctor for not eating at my first inpatient hospitalization at age 14. The treatment that was supposed to help me ended up harming me- especially throughout my teenage years.

I know my story is not unique which is why I chose to get a little more personal for Healthline here. I think this is an important conversation to bring to the table as eating disorder treatment is in need of some serious change. Read my Healthline piece for more on my experience of trying to get help for my eating disorder for the last 15+ years of my life and let me know your thoughts!