faux leather leggingsHere’s my last winter look until next year! Of course it’s full of allll the pastel colors because that’s how I roll, winter or summer. I picked up these cute studded ankle boots a couple months ago and love em. I also stalked this sweater until it went on sale at Lou and Grey and was excited when it popped up in my size. I linked to a bunch of cute, colorful striped sweaters in the slideshow at the bottom of the post. My boots are still available and on sale!

I’m in slight disbelief that we’re just coasting right into spring. This year has been a blur (more on that and why I’ve been pretty absent on the blog since December coming up in my next post) and I guess I didn’t have much of a real winter as I spent it in California. But I’m excited to head back to New York and perfect timing as we are hopefully headed for some nice weather!

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Photos thanks to Shaya Cohen

Links to some pretty striped sweaters in the slideshow below- disable your ad blocker to view.