Today I’m sharing the 3 winter coats you need in your closet for winter 2019. Ok, maybe you just need the first two while the third is just a fun trend piece… but isn’t “need” always relative anyway? Keep scrolling for my favorite winter coats this season. 

My coat is old so I linked to similar options in slideshow below and boots are from A.Soliani and I’ve been loving them!

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

jocelyn coat

new york foliage 2018
colorful fur parka
3 winter coats you need
rainbow parka
jocelyn parka
a soliani boots
rainbow coat

When it comes to winter coats, I’ve sacrificed style for warmth many a time. Being absolutely freezing is something most of us don’t ever want to experience! But I think there are enough options out there at this point, that if you want to have both fashion and warmth, it’s completely possible.

The Puffer 

If you live in a cold climate, a down puffer is a no-brainer. Personally, I prefer a three quarter length style that hits just above the knees for added warmth as opposed to a shorter one – but it’s personal preference. Puffers are often not the cute outerwear option but it’s a necessity in the cold and there are ways to step up the style. 

For one, you might want to consider a shade other than black. Try a plum, teal, metallic or cranberry to  make it more interesting. Color makes a huge difference! But if you prefer black, you can look for a puffer with other interesting details: a diagonal zipper, faux fur lined hood, or a mix of textures. 

Wool Coat

Wool coats are often not quite as warm as a puffer but they’re a more sophisticated option for those that prefer a dressier option or on days when it’s not quite as frigid. A camel color is always a classic and beautiful option but regardless of the color you choose, a tailored fit is key here. Most clothes are actually made for a 5”8 woman and of course, that is not the majority of us. So don’t be afraid to invest in a tailor for the perfect fit!

Teddy Coat

If you’re looking to purchase a trend piece this season, teddy coats have been seen everywhere! Exactly what it sounds like, teddy coats are basically a hug in a coat – a comfortable, cozy and snuggly teddy bear that you get to wear all winter long. Yes, please! These are some of my favorites. Have you or would you try this style?

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