graeters ice cream Nothing gives me more pleasure than getting to partner with Graeter’s for holiday season! First of all, their handcrafted ice cream is hands down the best I’ve ever tried. But secondly, please come up with a better gift idea than a box filled with pints of ice cream delivered to your door. Exactly, no better gift idea out there. ūüôā Chanukah is in a week which is absolutely crazy and I shipped some to my dear friend Elisheva in Los Angeles for the holidays. I can’t wait for her to receive the Gaeter’s ice cream goodness!

The ultimate party pack is such a fun one to send; The Graeter’s Signature Deluxe Party Pack¬†includes 12 pints of ice cream, dessert sauce, ice cream scooper, bowls, spoons, and napkins. That’s the one I received and my friends, family and I were all thrilled. Everything was perfectly and beautifully packaged and of course absolutely delicious. You can also do a smaller one with 6 pints as well… although my philosophy is go big or go home!¬†Graeter’s is offering 15% off your online order until 12/25/18 with code CHEER2018.

My favorite Graeter’s ice cream flavor personally was s’mores and the runner ups were cookie dough, black raspberry chocolate chip, cinnamon, and cookies and cream. They are all long gone now because I was nice and shared the Graeter’s love but I may have just the slightest bit regret haha! What’s your favorite Graeter’s ice cream flavor?

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Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Graeter’s is offering 15% off your online order until 12/25/18 with code CHEER2018.

Thanks to Graeter’s for sponsoring¬†this post.