new territories Is this heart print dress not the cutest? Yup, I’m rocking the kindergarten chic look once again and not mad at it. 🙂 You can find the dress here and I linked to some cute plus size options in the slideshow at the bottom of the post. I hate not being able to find identical options all the time but I did find some pretty dresses!

I’ve tried some fun dessert spots this summer and New Territories was my most recent trip. I almost just went with the ice cream and waffle combination but thankfully I came to my senses and ordered the cool milkshake too. 🙂 I mean…. I had to try them both once I was there! Next, I need to revisit Milk and Cream Cereal Bar because I wasn’t feeling well when we were there last so that musttt happen within the next couple of weeks. Do you have a favorite dessert spot? Is there something I need to try next? Let me know!

I remember those sad, sad days when I thought carbs and sugar were the enemy and oh my goodness, I am so freakin’ glad I am past that! I love “healthy” wholesome food and I also love ice cream and doughnuts. Eating one food over another does not make you good or bad. It’s just food! Living carb free is NOT sustainable for the majority of the population and also, let’s be real, pretty darn miserable. It’s also not the way our bodies are meant to function even if keto has become the latest craze. And yes, that includes people with PCOS too. Carbs are a necessity for our bodies to function properly but also…. they’re freakin delicious!heart print dress new territories milkshake asos heart print dress best dessert nyc heart dress pour la victoire espadrilles milkshake nyc red shirt dress red heart bag new territories ny asos red dress

Photos thanks to Leslie Moncada.

Heart print dress: asos design mini tea dress Shoes: espadrille platform sandals c/o Bag: similar rebecca minkoff handbag Rainbow jewels: NYC Sterling c/o

See my other, more toned down and subtle heart print dress from this past winter on the blog here.