I’m a huge fan of Escapa Living (remember this adorable colorful tassel dress?) and I’m excited to partner with them today to share this off the shoulder tassel dress I’ve been loving. The vibrant print is giving me life and making me so impatient for summer! Escapada Living also recently expanded their sizing to include plus sizes 0-3x which makes me even happier to be able to partner with them today. Now… let’s talk about about how to get a beach body.
escapada living

I hope you’re paying close attention because there are two important steps for how to get a beach body.

  1. Have a body.
  2. Take your body to the beach.

And BOOM, you’ve got your beach body! Yup, simple as that.

I’m already exhausted from seeing the countless posts and articles offering tips on becoming beach body ready and I want to make it very clear that we don’t need to succumb to diet culture telling us that there’s only one way to have a body. You have a body that’s beach ready right now despite the messages you’re bombarded with.

You know you’re absolutely not getting weight loss tips on my blog and that’s because I strongly believe that dieting perpetuates the myth that thin is good and fat is bad/inferior which contributes to the discrimination that fat people face every day. Self worth does not come from weight loss. Happiness does not come from weight loss. I promise you that.

I hope that this summer you get to eat yummy ice cream guilt-free, hang out with friends, and of course spend time at the beach without worrying about dieting, tracking every calorie, or a number on the scale.

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Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Maxi Dress: off the shoulder long sleeve maxi dress c/o and I love this same print plus size 3/4 sleeve susan dress too