I challenge you to look at every single long term research study on diets- there aren’t that many that look past the 18 month mark. Why is that? Because studies show time and time again that that the majority of dieters will regain the weight (if not more), regardless of the diet they go on by the 2-5 year mark.

Almost anyone can successfully lose weight on a diet. But unless you’re that minority unicorn, chances are you’ll keep regaining the weight.
IDGAF about your diet susan

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Society likes to tell you that it’s because you didn’t try hard enough or that you’re lazy or gluttonous and I’m here to tell you that it is not your fault. Diets are the problem, not you.

Would you take a medication with a 5% chance of success? I pray and hope not. Yet diets are still being recommended by doctors even though the research proves that they don’t work.
anti dietThe diet industry is over $60 billion dollars (!!) and they are heavily invested in making you feel like your body is a problem to be fixed. Your body is not a problem. You are not a problem. Diet culture impacts girls as young as THREE who express a fear of being fat. Do we want this for the next generation? Do we want young girls to think that being fat is the worst thing they can be?

We’re brainwashed to believe that fat=unhealthy and thin=healthy and we think we can decide how healthy someone is based on their body size. But did you know that studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to find that people living longer are actually in the overweight and mildly obese category? Exercising, regardless of body size, is the one factor that seems to prolong life, not weight loss.
intuitive eatingI passionately believe that focusing on healthy habits for people of all sizes is so much more important than focusing on weight loss. We all know thin people that never exercise and constantly eat fast food and larger people who exercise and eat a balanced variety of foods. But we only express concern over larger bodies and that has got to stop.

It’s no one’s business to judge how you take care of yourself but your own and I believe that so much of people’s concern is just poorly disguised fatphobia. Be honest- you don’t really care about some stranger’s health but feel outraged that a fat person dare lives their life without hiding in their bedroom.

The diet industry continues to make it their mission to make sure women feel terribly about their bodies. Some are catching on though; marketing their diets as resets, lifestyle changes, and cleanses instead. Beware of the sneaky marketing because any “lifestyle change” that labels foods as good or bad, has you counting (macros, points, calories), or restricts your intake is a DIET.
diets dont workAnd diets cause metabolisms to slow down and eventually lead to higher weights which is the opposite of what people dieting are trying to achieve. Not only that, but yo-yo dieting is linked to heart disease, insulin resistance, higher blood pressure, and inflammation so if you’re looking to be healthier, it’s not dieting that will help you.

Eating intuitively and learning to respond to your body’s innate hunger/fullness cues without banning entire food groups is one of the best things you can do for yourself. We come in a variety of shapes and sizes and no one should have to feel less worthy for their existence because of their body size.

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