One of the most common comments I seem to get regarding my blog are comments telling me that my confidence is inspiring. It’s interesting that just happening to be in a curvier body while having a blog like thousands of other people do is inspiring. A woman that’s a size 2 and blogs doesn’t get comments about how confident she is, right? It’s amazing that having a curvy body in 2018 and daring to be public about it is a bold and courageous thing to do.

dusty rose pencil skirt

But I understand that people still can’t comprehend that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Most women have one pressing goal in their lives: to shrink themselves and become smaller. Dieting is the #1 topic everywhere we go. And honestly, I’m pretty tired of it.

I think of all the other curvier women out there and can’t imagine how they must feel to be bombarded with messages telling them they need to change and that is why I continue to blog; even on the days when my body image is so bad that I feel like crawling out of my skin. I do it because I strongly believe that we all deserve to feel beautiful and confident and want to continue spreading the message that we deserve to feel good NOW, to live our lives to its fullest potential NOW, and dress in a way that makes us feel confident NOW.

pink cashmere sweater

To be honest, I struggle with confidence just as much as other people do. My blog pushes me out of my comfort zone every single day. But I believe strongly that there’s so much more to life beyond the size we wear and I won’t give up on trying to strive for more. I want more for myself and more for everyone out there who struggles with confidence in their bodies.

I know what it’s like to shop in a store and have absolutely nothing fit. Just a few weeks ago I tried a dress on in the biggest size it came in and couldn’t get it to zip up as it was far too small. To tell you the truth, I cried. I let it ruin my day and I told myself that something must be very wrong with me that I can’t even fit into the biggest size the dress came in. Never mind that the dress came in a size range far too small.

pink monochrome outfit

I’m disappointed that I let it ruin my day but the next day I reminded myself that I exercise regularly, take care of my body and this is where my body is meant to be. I reminded myself that I am so much more than a silly dress size and that I deserve much more for myself than constant dieting.

les 100 ciels cashmere

I want my blog to serve as a reminder that we all deserve to feel beautiful and confident, whether we’re a size 2 or 32. Obviously, fashion is not bringing about world peace or curing cancer. But fashion is a fun form of self expression that tells the world something about ourselves before we even speak. When we truly feel confident, our clothes often reflect that. And sometimes pushing ourselves to take the time to put ourselves together is an important step in matching our external to how we feel internally. I think it’s amazing when we can do that for ourselves no matter what size we are.

pink pencil skirtPhotography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

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