I tried on this long sleeve sequin dress and posted it to my instagram stories and so many of you wanted to know where it was from. You can find it here although it’s mostly sold out. This sequin fit and flare dress is another gorgeous option as well! Also, there’s a  GIVEAWAY happening right now on my instagram for Baublebar earrings, a limited edition Bobbi Brown highlighter palette, and a bunch more makeup!

sequin fit and flare dressLet’s talk about New Years resolutions for a second. Last year I posted: Let’s Stop Weight Loss Resolutions and this year I have a bit more to say on this topic. I posted to my instagram about it here but I thought it was worth saying again for my blog readers as well:

I’m hoping that everyone reading this chooses to make 2018 a year that is free of dieting. The diet industry is worth over 60 BILLION DOLLARS while the research proves dieting to have a 95% failure rate. 95%!! Dieting actually causes more weight gain, slowed down metabolisms, and disordered eating.new years dress

So instead of spending our valuable time, money, and emotional resources on funding this $60 billion diet industry that doesn’t actually work, let’s make 2018 the year where we learn to see ourselves as so much more than a number on the scale. Let’s have 2018 be the year where our self worth is based on the way we live our lives and who we are as humans and NOT how much we weigh.

I’m not sure how many of you make regular New Year’s resolutions but I hope that for those of you that do make resolutions for yourself, that dieting is absolutely not one of those resolutions. I work for Dr. Conason‘s private practice and I LOVE the no dieting pledge she wrote that seems like an amazing resolution to me (and her entire blog post on this topic is worth a read here):sequin long sleeve dress“In 2018, I WILL strive to accept my body in its current shape and size. Because this is the body that I am living in and no amount of hating myself will change that fact. From acceptance comes nurturance and from nurturance comes health and healing. I recognize that healthy bodies come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Health is NOT determined by weight, but by how we nourish our body through self-care, nutrition, and physical movement. In 2018, I WILL strive to honor and care for this body that I was given to the best of my ability by listening, trusting, and respecting my body.”

new years eve dress Let me know your thoughts on having a diet free year and if you’re planning on making any resolutions!long sleeve sequin dress

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Long Sleeve Sequin Dress: long sleeve sequin swing dress (some more beautiful and similar long sleeve sequin dress options available in the slideshow below) Earrings: taylor tassel earrings c/o Shoes: similar ted baker azeline or violetta suede bow pumps Clutch: similar crystal clasp shimmer clutch