This blue striped dress has been my go-to dress from work to a night out. I love dresses that transition easily for different occasions and this blue striped dress definitely fits the bill! On another note, I wanted to share something that inspired me last week. Because while putting myself on the internet means I get my fair share of cruel and nasty comments, I wanted to share some of the positive things that happen that keep me going. I think that often times it’s the terrible comments that stand out, so I want to make it a point of focusing on the positive.topshop blue dress As much as I preach about body positivity all the time, I still struggle with body image– sometimes on a daily basis. There are days when I feel like quitting because putting myself out there on the internet can be really hard but then I get emails and messages from you guys sharing how my blog helps you feel more confident and I know there’s no way I can stop.

Yesterday, my dear friend Elisheva told me that her eight year old daughter was on a play date with her friends. Her daughter shared that her friends were discussing that being skinny is so much prettier than being fat. Did I mention the girls are just eight years old?

blue striped dressLater, Elisheva and her husband discussed the incident with their daughter who had seen my blog in the past and she said, “I know my friends are wrong because I know people who are not skinny and models- like Shira.” While I’m obviously not an actual model (and of course it made me teary eyed), it made me realize how important it is for children to be exposed to all different body types in a positive light. And even more importantly, when we speak negatively about our bodies, of course kids pick that up!

These girls are eight years old and only using language they hear from the world around them. How heartbreaking is that?  Can’t we do better? I’m going to continue blogging and continue talking about body image, self love, and the body positive movement because there’s still so much progress to be made.

rebecca minkoff crossbodyPeople seem to think that the body positivity movement has made things all better, when in reality, just read any of the comments under body positive articles online and you see thousands of horrifying comments that range from, “you obese cow, you need to kill yourself” to “she’s promoting obesity” to “ew, she’s disgusting.” Our world still values thinness above all else and still thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to publicly admit disgust for fat people.

So I am not done talking about the subject because my heart hurts thinking of children growing up in our thin obsessed world and internalizing all that hate. I want better for our children and while sometimes I wonder if change is really possible, we have to start somewhere, right? blue lace dressUntil we work on changing the language we use to talk about bodies as well as our overall views on different body sizes, we can’t expect to see change in our children, little siblings, or nieces and nephews. Last week, my three year old sister told me that she was fat and it broke my heart. She was just repeating back what she heard other people say. Let’s do better.striped lace dress

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