You’re doing paleo now? Cutting out all carbs? Only eating carbs? Drinking the skinny laxative tea? Great. You do YOU but every person has a different body with different lifestyles and with that, very different needs.

I get that you’re probably making some money by sharing your latest diet or maybe some of your readers even asked you for a post titled, “What I Eat in a Day,” but do you really not care about those posts potentially being harmful to the young women reading them? Is the money or increased traffic worth contributing to a woman feeling badly about herself?

This is why I think it’s important to stop sharing your diets and offering weight loss tips:

1. What works for your body will not necessarily work for someone else’s. Someone with a different genetic makeup than you might try your diet and when it doesn’t work for her, will feel pretty darn crappy about herself. It might even be harmful to her body as extreme crash diets are proven to slow down metabolisms in the long run.

2. If you’re born with a naturally slim body and flat stomach, it’s not fair to insinuate that if someone tries the same diet as you, they’ll end up looking like you. I will never ever have a flat stomach and I don’t need to be made to feel bad about it. At my lowest weight and a size 2, I still had a stomach and the extreme diet I was on probably was close to starvation.

And guess what, I was putting my life at risk, lost half my body weight (literally) and still looked nothing like girls in the magazines or influencers in their bikinis posting with their laxative skinny tea. How do you think it felt to read that if I really want it badly enough, I can get a flat stomach too because it’s just a matter of hard work? If I worked any harder probably would’ve ended up in the hospital.

3. Keeping the conversation on body size and losing weight once again reduces women to just the size of our bodies and contributes to our thin obsessed culture. Can’t we talk about something else? And encourage healthy eating and exercise WITHOUT weight loss attached to it? It’s not about the number on the scale; it’s about working toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are all worthy of feeling awesome and confident about ourselves, not suddenly when we reach a magical number. Taking on extreme diets can actually hurt women so please keep that in mind when you’re encouraging other women to do them.

4. Laxative skinny tea being a problem…. do I even need to go there? Clearly I do because every day there’s another blogger or “influencer” shilling for the latest laxative tea on the market. Let me introduce you to the behavior of repeatedly using laxatives in an effort to lose weight- it’s called an EATING DISORDER. Obviously if you’re constipated it’s one thing, but using laxative tea as a weight loss method is downright ludicrous and dangerous. How in the world could you encourage that? It reduces bloating? I guess temporarily until you need to take it again but water weight is not actual real weight and the whole thing makes zero sense.

5. Let’s leave meal plans and everything in that category to dietitians with degrees that are qualified to give advice in that area. People might have thyroid issues, diabetes, eating disorders, etc and giving strangers diet advice can be unhealthy for them.

As an influencer with a huge audience, you have the unique power to influence people’s lives for the better. How cool and amazing is that? There will always be another campaign to make money from so why not take just a second to think about whether or not the money you’re making is worth impacting the women (or teens) following you in a harmful way.