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I’m so excited to be teaming up with LIFEWTR today, which is available at 7-Eleven. LIFEWTR is purified and pH balanced water, that contains electrolytes for taste. I find it so cool that every few months they work with different artists to create unique designs which are featured on LIFEWTR bottles.

I’m a huge fan of the current designs and can’t wait to see which artists they team up with next! We all know that I like to live my life colorfully, and LIFEWTR certainly makes it easier. After drinking LIFEWTR at my running class last week, I was inspired to share with you all my seven gym bag essentials, and what’s in my gym bag at all times!

Here are my gym bag must haves:

  1. Gym Clothes– This one is pretty straightforward. Bonus: if they’re bright and colorful to keep you motivated. And don’t forget your socks! I once forgot my socks and ended up with blisters for a week. Ouch!
  2. Water Bottle– Hydration is so important, especially when exercising, and there’s no better way to do it than with LIFEWTR. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a fun accessory as well! I also appreciate the generous size and that there are electrolytes in them as well for taste.
  3. Makeup wipes– While most gyms and studios are stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, many don’t have face wash. I like to bring wipes to ensure my face is clean after a sweaty workout session, especially if I’m putting makeup on after class. This also helps decrease the chance of acne popping up.
  4. Deodorant– Not all studios are stocked with deodorant, so it’s definitely important to have deodorant on hand!
  5. Travel-Friendly Makeup– I don’t like carrying my big makeup bag with me because it’s hard to carry it around all day and takes up too much room. When I have a meeting after a workout, I don’t like going sans makeup. That’s why I love travel-friendly and compact makeup for this occasion.
  6. Hair Ties– I always like to carry extra on hand in case mine snap. That’s happened to me before, and I was so relieved that my studio had spare hair ties but some don’t. It’s hard to get an intense workout with your hair flying everywhere, so bring those extra hair ties!
  7. Headphones – I usually go to classes where there’s music playing, but if you’re going to exercise on your own, headphones are a necessity to make your workout more enjoyable.

What are your gym bag necessities? Check out¬†LIFEWTR’s social hub,¬†

Photos thanks to Kelly West.