I shared my take on what body positivity is a while back but never discussed how exactly to achieve  it. Today I wanted to share 5 ways to improve body image. It continues to be a work in progress for me so I thought I’d share what’s been helpful to me along my journey. Keep reading for my 5 tips to improve body image!yellow floral dress

1. Stop buying clothes that don’t fit.

I remember shopping with a relative when I was about 13 years old. We saw a dress I liked but the size they had left was too small. My relative told me she’d buy it for me if I promised to lose weight. Well of course I promised because I had every intention  of losing weight. At age 13, the amount of hatred and shame I had about my body was so intense and basically all I thought about.

But guess what? I couldn’t and didn’t lose weight (for a variety of reasons) and that dress sat in my closet for years, reminding me that I was weak, a failure, and absolutely disgusting. Of course I really wasn’t all of those things but that’s exactly how I felt.

Maybe you don’t feel as intensely bad about your body as I did growing up but the bottom line is that buying clothes for when you lose weight is rarely a good idea. I know the feeling of being at a sample sale and finding something beautiful at a great price that would be beautiful if you were just 5 pounds less but if your weight changes in the future, you’ll find something you love at that point. You deserve to wear beautiful clothes NOW. You don’t need to wait to hit a certain size or number to start dressing in a way that makes you feel good and buying clothes that fit you now.

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2. Throw out or donate clothes that don’t fit.

This is similar to the above but you don’t need to have an entire wardrobe of clothes that make you feel badly about yourself because they don’t fit. Having those clothes sitting there would make anyone feel like absolute crap! Try selling the nicer pieces to a local second hand store or donate them if money isn’t a concern.

Your closet should be filled with clothes that make you feel awesome as you are NOW. You don’t need to put anything on hold because your body isn’t where you want it to be. I know so many women who wear clothes they don’t like or feel good in because they tell themselves that they’ll start taking better care of their appearance when they lose weight. Let’s stop doing that! Let’s stop putting our lives on hold because of a number on the scale.

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3. Surround yourself with positive friends and pay attention to who you follow on social media.

If your friends are the kind of people that are constantly putting you down, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the people you surround yourself with. It’s inevitable that their actions will impact you, even if you think otherwise. You’re human after all! And similarly, take a look at the people you follow on social media.

I recently realized that it was unhealthy for me to be following a whole bunch of women on social media who constantly talk about their diets; posting pictures of themselves drinking that skinny laxative tea along with basically naked gym photos showing off a six pack (a blog post on this will be coming soon). I also realized that following brands that show zero body diversity and consistently post only one body type wasn’t great for me.

I decided that it was completely unnecessary for my mind and soul to be exposed to that daily so I unfollowed some of those people and instead, started to follow a whole bunch of inspiring body positive bloggers. And now, scrolling through Instagram is actually often enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring for me. Surround yourself by people that uplift you because its impact is a lot stronger than you might think.
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4. Exercise and incorporate healthy habits to feel good, not to lose weight.

It’s all about the INTENTIONS behind your actions. Are you exercising from a place of wanting to burn calories or to feel more deserving of food? When shame or stress drives actions, it rarely works long term. If you want to increase healthy habits – like eating more whole foods or exercising – do it from a place of compassion and wanting to do what feels good to you. Do it because it makes you feel strong and gives you the energy you need to live your life to its fullest. Your intention and motivation behind what you do make all the difference. Being kind and gentle with yourself is so important. We all are on different places on our journey and that’s ok.

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5. Create value for something other than your size or weight.

Some of us get stuck in this idea that the size of our bodies are basically all that matters. Most of us know intellectually that it doesn’t make sense but continue to believe our lives will magically be so much better if we just lost weight. And that’s why I challenge you to create value outside of your body, such as valuing generosity or friendship. It’s also great to have hobbies as well as things you’re passionate about.

For me, my blog is a passion of mine. It’s often hard and challenging, but it’s challenging in a good way (read more about that here). My best friend loves to cook and that’s her passion. My mother enjoys swimming and makes time to do that every week. There are so many things out there to involve yourself in, whether it’s photography, a sport, art, a book club, etc.rebecca minkoff avery So those were my 5 tips to improve body image. Some of these tips are things I’m still actively working on, while others are areas I’ve gotten a lot better in. I’d love to hear what helps you feel more confident within yourself and your body.long sleeve yellow dress

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

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