This pom pom coat was the best Black Friday find I’ve ever come across, hands down. I saw it in BCBG over the weekend when the entire store was 50% off and I think I squealed in excitement because… I mean, look at it! My friend told me that I look like a pinata in it and honestly, I wasn’t mad about that at all. 😉 She told me the same thing about this embellished skater dress which I also love. There’s something about embellished and playful pieces that draw me in. I am fully embracing the fact that minimalism will never ever be my thing. I am also aware that the pom pom coat is the kind of thing people will either hate or love. We all know what side I’m on here!

If I end up attending fashion week in February, this pom pom coat will be so perfect! I love a fun statement coat and this would definitely be a statement. Actually, I might go to some shows just so I can rock this coat! This coat is definitely on the lighter side but that’s what layering is for anyway. 😉

If you want some whimsy and playfullness to your look but this is too much, try something like pom pom shoes with a more simple outfit. A pom pom keychain on your bag is also a fun idea and very on trend as well and of course a pom pom beanie is always cute! I’m currently trying to steal my 11 year old sister’s pom pom beanie but that’s a whole other story for another day. 

Photos thanks to Caitee Smith. Also find her on instagram and facebook.

Coat: sold out, sorry! Shoes: similar madison 12 hour pump or burgundy suede court shoe Lipstick: vice lipstick in firebird