Have you ever gone shopping alone and wished you brought a friend along to get a second opinion? Pin and Tucker is a brilliant new app that basically gives you just that! We all know that oftentimes the sales person in a store may not be 100% honest with you in an effort to make a sale.

But with the Pin and Tucker app, you can share photos of what you’re trying on in the dressing room and get immediate feedback from other users on whether or not they think you should purchase the item. Occasionally, you fall hard for something – like me with this embroidered long sleeve velvet dress- and don’t need or want a second opinion. But more often than not, especially when it comes to a more splurge worthy item or maybe just a really trendy item, getting additional feedback would be more than welcomed!

Some of you who follow me on instagram have virtually come along with me on my recent SoHo shopping trip when I documented the clothes I tried on through the app. I found Pin and Tucker really useful in helping to decrease my purchasing impulsivity. I also loved getting feedback from objective people who had nothing to lose by being honest with me. If you’ve used Pin & Tucker before, let me know your experience with the app! And if not, is this an app that interests you?
I’ve been trying to hunt down this embroidered long sleeve velvet dress (get it here) for a couple of months now but it kept selling out. I’m so glad it restocked because it was one of those dresses I knew I needed in my life when I saw it in the store. I wore a green velvet dress on the blog here but this long sleeve velvet dress felt like a whole new level of perfection to me. Ha yes, I’m always with some drama!

But while 2016 was a crappy year for me personally, I’ve been all about the fall and winter trends it brought. This dress nails it with both the embroidery trend and the velvet trend so I am in love! I think I’ve been loving the recent trends because they’ve been all about maximalism. I remember back in the day when I entertained the ideal of being a minimalist for about two and a half seconds before I realized there was no way in hell that would work in my life. 😉 Maximalism makes getting dressed in the morning way more fun! Give me all the color and detail, please and thank you! But in all seriousness (or just a little bit of seriousness), I think I overall still maintain a classic vibe; but with an edge! Or at least that’s what I like to think anyway. 🙂 Oh, and can we talk about my mini pashli for a minute? This is its very first debut! Pashli bags have been all over the place these last few years but I was never drawn to the regular size. It just felt a little too clunky for my personal taste. But I’ve always loved the mini size (get a slightly darker but gorgeous color here) and when this baby blue shade went on sale during a recent Shopbop sale, I was all over it! I do some work with Shopbop in exchange for store credit so I’ll be sharing the other bag I picked up next week. Stay tuned because it’s a really good one!  I know I showed you these epic nails already here but Kelly captured such a great shot that I needed to share another photo. I was so sad to take them off because they were so crazy fun. They were also the most talked about nails I’ve ever had done! If you go to the original blog post where I first shared these glass nails, you can get a code for $10 off your first nail art manicure so check it out if that would be of interest to you.

Photography thanks to Kelly West, check out her instagram and facebook page.

Long Sleeve Velvet Dress: floral embroidery velvet dress or try additional sizes velvet floral smock dress ** dress was purchased with gift card c/o Pin & Tucker Bag: Phillip Lim mini pashli c/o Shopbop, sold out. Get in a pretty blue shade 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Mini Satchel Bag or 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli mini satchel Shoes: similar madison 12 hour pump or burgundy suede court shoe Lipstick: Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick in Let’s Dance