glass nailsI’ve never gotten so many compliments on these glass nails than any other manicure I’ve ever gotten in my life! People have come up to me on the street, the train, etc and honestly, I can’t blame them because these nails are pretty freakin epic. These are the perfect New Years or holiday nail art and I’m sure you guys would agree!

I booked these glass nails on Lookbooker, my favorite app that I use regularly to book all my salon appointments. Any time I can avoid a phone call is a happy day and with Lookbooker, everything is done through their free app. The booking, paying, etc and there are a ton of salons all throughout Brooklyn and NYC to choose from. They have countless options for spas, hair removal, manicures, hair salons, and more. They’re offering $10 off your first appointment here! I promise there’s no catch. Downloading the app takes just a few seconds and $10 off can be a nice chunk off your service, depending on what you go for.

I obviously keep going for nail art and Lookbooker has a great selection of nail art salons to choose from. These nails are still going way strong and we’re about to approach week three. I usually can’t make it past day 10 to 12 without some chipping but japanese gel seems to adhere to my nails so much better! Check out my first manicure with Lookbooker here. I love these nails for holiday season because they’re sparkly and so cool looking without being cliche. What do you guys think of my glass nails? And have you used Lookbooker before? Let me know your favorite salons and spas because I always love new recommendations. Or if you want my recommendations, just ask me because I’m always happy to share my favorite spots with you!PS The ring is from Lacee Alexandra, last seen here.