I’m so sick and tired of coming across a million “How To Get The Perfect Bikini Body” articles every summer. You guys, it’s 2016. Can we stop obsessing over thinness already? It can be exhausting to try and be at peace with your body when all you see and hear are reasons why you are wrong and not good enough. And when an overweight woman talks about accepting her body online, the backlash gets SCARY which makes me so disappointed in the human race. People start feigning concern, saying that she’s perpetuating the obesity epidemic, she doesn’t want it badly enough, she’s lazy, etc etc etc. But why can’t a woman at any size be confident and happy? I often write articles for Mode and see diet related articles way.too.much. that put me in a bad mood every time I come across them. I know too many beautiful women suffering with eating disorders and I want to bring more positivity in the world, not add to our weight and thin obsessed culture. So I figured I’d write my own kind of diet article and hope to write more on the topics of body image, acceptance, and other similar topics. Let me know if there’s something you’d like me to include in a future article and what you think about my latest article! I’d love feedback!

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by Shira Rose at Mode