I’m tired of the hands on hip poses but I’m also completely awkward in front of the camera….
 photo neoned3_zps807b390a.jpg
So we tried a casual walking “pose”… Still awkward?

 photo neoned_zps5bfaf146.jpg
And then we tried it again. It got a bit more awkward when a school bus passed and a little boy (about 7 or 8) shouted out, “Pretty outfit! And on a pretty girl!” Sigh; I always get the really young ones or the really old ones. 🙂

 photo neoned4_zps14e4784c.jpg
Then we tried a “leaning against a dirty wall” pose. It’s ok but what is up with my hair looking like it’s two different lengths? And about the random wire and garbage; well, welcome to Brooklyn.

 photo neoned2_zps8de9aada.jpg
And finally….we have this gem. What’s going on? I have no idea. But I like it. A lot.

Photos by Chani Shmookler Deutsch
Top: Madewell (on sale here, in white here, and also love this) Skirt: Anthropologie (similar and a favorite of mine here) Shoes: H&M (loving these) Necklace:Kate Spade BangleKate Spade

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