Ombre has been on my mind a lot lately! It started with an e-mail….
Refinery 29 asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot of an ombre hair tutorial. As fun as that may sound, I’m kind of a chicken when it comes to anything relatively permanent regarding my hair. My keratin treatment is as adventurous as it gets. And once, three years ago, I got side bangs. Yeah, crazy, I know! But I’ve never dyed my hair before and I’ve seen so many bad ombre dye jobs so I figured I’d stay away this time. 
But I’m all about wearing ombre! My friend Jenny over at Crazy Style Love had a great photo of the blue ombre heels (pictured below) on her facebook page today. I’m kind of obsessed with ombre; not even going to pretend otherwise, so it kicked off the inspiration for this week’s edition of “What I Want Wednesday.” 

Items under $100:
Pink Necklace here. Purple Necklace sold out. Blue Shoes here. Blue Skirt here. Green sweater here.
Blue button down shirt (available now in pink ombre) here.
Items over $100 (some welllll over):
Yellow Sequin Dress: here.   Blue dress here. Blue earrings here.